Is it stupid i play an online game and i fell for a guy on there ._. i mean he could be anyone.. but anyway, he has a gf.. and has no idea i like him. idk what to do.. it bothers me that i'm to wimp to tell him. but if i do, i bet you we won't be friends anymore :/ and i can't risk it.. he means a lot to me..

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  • he only means alot to you because you like him.
    If you liking him is a problem, he isnt a true friend anyway Saying 'telling him is not worth the risk' is just a stupid excuse people use to desguise their true feelings of being utterly terrified from wat they may say.
    besides, youve never even met him. he could be anyone, he could be a fat insane chick making up a total human profile for all you know. and unless youve seen him in the flesh, behind the pictures and words from your computer screen, it could very well be.

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