I can't be that supportive wife, I am so mad

I did not how to react when you told me you got in trouble at work. Times are tough out there and here you are risking it all over something so stupid and infantile. You need to focus on yourself and how well you do things, than be concerned with what others do, or what they have. You walk around pretending like nothing bothers you but apparently something did, it bothered you so much that you were being nosey at work. You were just praised on how well you were doing at work, and a few days later this happens? How do you expect to ever get promoted when what you did was so stupid. Yes, the information was there for others to see but you didn't have to go and be nosey like the rest. You walk around pretending you are such a leader instead you are secretly a follower. So there you are now sitting at home while they are conducting their investigation, and somehow you think you are not gonna get fired? You tell me you don't want to think that way the way I think? They already sent you home what else am I suppose to think? You really need to grow up and accept responsibility for your actions even if you think this is so petty. If this had happened to me I would have already been job hunting instead you sit there and it bothers me. Because you jeapordized it all when one is suppose to take care of their jobs more than ever these days. I am so mad at you that I don't know how to be supportive. and to top it off I am a wreck at work because of this, I can't sleep, or eat because of this. I want to turn back the hands of time right now but I cannot do that for you. I just hope you learned your lesson, that you are not all high and mighty and that at times you need to humble yourself a little more, and stop worrying about the next person.

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  • Ok first off it is ok to be angry, anger is a natural reaction and it is also ok to get things off your chest. However do you remember those vows you took...... you know, in sickness and health, richer or poorer, well the one they conviniently left out is for dumb and dumber LOL. Look we all s**** up, and they don't just say curiosity killed the cat for nothing, and you are right, he is screwed. But now more than every you do need to be supportive. This is when the metal of a marraige is truly tested, and if you love him then forgive him and be done with it.

    p.s. I assume he works at a cell phone company or a financial firm and was caught looking at a high profile persons account possible the president?

  • Wow, very supportive, give yourself a pat on the back. You're the type of person I see coming into my job, sneering at your spouse (Notice here ladies and gentlemen, s***** spouses come in both genders, so this is for all of them!) and I wonder what they did to deserve it.

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