I want you

John I can't stop thinking about you. The attraction and sparks between us are undeniable. I want you and you want me.

I went on a date with someone and could not stop thinking about you.

I am so hoping you make a move soon. And yes I wear the tight skirts to drive you crazy and want me more. I know the s** would be intense and unbelievable.

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  • HENCE AT WORK GUYS ARE AFRAID TO BE INVOLVED IN WITH ANYTHING OF SEXUAL NATURE. ALL BECAUSE OF T!HE SEXUAL HARRASSEment Policy crap, if you real wants to f*** him find a reason to meet him outside work. keep us inform of your sexual conquest !

  • Puhhhllllllleeeeeeze just f*** the guy. Stop waiting for him to make the first move. Dumbass.

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