Help me!!!

Ok here goes . . .
im 22 and i've just started a new job, its ok and its easier than my last job, i've been with my girlfriend for over 5 years now, its good, im really close to her family, her father just split with her mother and its still kinda a sore point, no explanation, no warning just up and gone. i really hate him for that, i hate seeing what its doing to her family, her mum is trying to keep it together for the kids, but i can see it in her eyes, it makes me sick thinking about him.
Recently i got a text on my cell from a girl i used to know from school we have a huge history and i was deeply in love with her, well shes moved back into town and is doing ok for herself, she asked me if i wanted to meet and catch up, just for a drink in town nothing shady. i agreed, having not seen her in over 7 years and wanted to know what she was doing these days, well we met up and i had a really great time, i mean she had it hard, her family kicked her out when she was 16 and she had to fend for herself, shes got a great job in sales, with assistants and everything, well i had only planned to meet up for an hour or so but we ended up spending the whole day together, then i started to feel things for her again, i mean we went back to her place and got to talking and ended up fooling around.
The next day we ended up going out again, i mean she is amazing, i haven't seen her in over 7 years and in 7 minutes i fell for her again, i cant get enough i don"t know whats wrong with me, i love my girlfriend and it kills me to hurt her like this, she would be crushed if she ever found out and i feel like such a d***, i mean her dad has just run out on her mum and here i am playing behind her back, i love her more than anything in the world and it physically hurts to think about what im doing to her, but the more time i spend with this other girl the less i start to care, i know it sounds horrible but she completes me, whenever i see her my heart feels like its going to explode, when i touch her its like electric, i hate when i have to leave her and go home, its been four days now and i've seen her everyday except today, and i feel like im about to have a heart attack, i feel sick with worry hoping that she is ok, i can't stand not being with her, i cant eat i haven't slept since i left her that first night i cant concentrate on anything except the next time i can see her, i've got butterfly's all the time, i feel like im about to burst into tears every time i think about her not being with me, i don't want to do anything except be with her.



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  • i think that incouraging someone to kill them self is descusting ( being the daughter of my dad who commited suicide.) so grow up and go get help.^ but dont kill yourself. you will hurt everyone in your life more then you will ever know. being a girl. you should pick one of the girls and stick to it. i dont know your history with either. but being the a girl for 5 years. shes more then likley inlove with you and after everything with her dad shell prolly want to kill you for doing what you did. but be a man and man up for what you did. pick one of the girls and stick to that choice. goodluck in both of your 'relationships' lawl. !

  • You cheated on your partner. Come clean and tell the truth to your partner. If you don't really tell your partner what's been happening, you might as well be a cheater for your entire life. You might as well continuing cheating and pretend nothing happened. It's up to you to decide.

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