Wrong world

I confess that I am in a world in flame, a world of sins, a world that has fun is the first priority and a wrong world with no justice. I have grown up, not on my age, but on my brain, and realized that I could see the world in a better view, but then I saw it clashing and falling apart while sins and mistakes are happened becausew of the evil we had upon us. To tell you that, I confess that there are good people, and great wonderful one, but what is on the other side, people who has hard burnt heart, full of sins. As I saw when I grew up, s** is a fun all year enjoyment, people think s** will save their lives, people think s** is the best thing, and it is obviously it answer maybe. So why did I say maybe? Why didn't I say yes or no? Because we need it, although we need to ignore, many big sins will happens, and it is only because of a big slow short joy (s**). I wish I could be a better writer to say and hear what are you feeling, and to tell you what I feel upon this hearted world of ours, I hope you could be better men and women, I am proud to call you men and women, and i wish you be a better than that. I have done a mission that I have been asignment of, by me and my heart to wish you better lives, if you could only try what I said in a different better ways, you would have the best life ever! And I really care of the people of earth, I hope I have done it though, so let all the world's light be on you. And thank you.

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