Didn't choose being existed

I thought a lot if being created and then going heaven or h*** are fair condition for a game I didn't accept or at least don't remember accepting it.

I confess that there is a GOD and he is fair but for long time I thought he is doing nothing..
I thought to stop my life but then I will go h*** for sure...

talked to many people and was always saying why do I have to live the experience if at last I will not say to GOD that was not going to be and I was not going to do sins or goods the way you know even before I do them.

Finally I thought of it in a such way..
may be others were going to deny their destiny but my existence might affect their decisions and change their choices & lives.
as not all people will think GOD is fair when he judges them for what they were going to in this earth life if they really didn't try this life.

Anybody does agree?

Jun 19, 2012

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  • I used to have the exact same thoughts all the time, I was frustrated because I had to believe God was all loving and s*** so I thought that just thinking about that was a sin by itself....well now I'm an atheist, it feels pretty good to be out of superstitions.

  • I felt the same for a while... But then i kind of figured out on my own that there must be some reason for my existance because our god is a great god with a greater plan that we sometimes cannot comprehend at certain momments. Later on i realized i have been created to help others because it allows me to make other people happy which in turn makes me happy. Just hang in there god will help you find your nitch. :)

  • Since you didn't choose "being existed", please learn how to communicate in the English language.

  • everything happens for a reason, repeat this to yourself every time you feel like God has forgotten about you or is challenging you. God is full of mercy and his love is endless. you just need to find out how to handle everything He is putting you through.

    i have been thinking about bad things, too. like what if i died... but that's not a right thing to do. for me, going to church and just saying everything that is on my mind, helps a lot. try it. God will hear it. and He will let you know that He is there for you.

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