Peeping Tomasina

My neighbor walks around naked in front of his window at night with the blinds half-open. I'm always hoping he doesn't catch us girls drooling over his Abercrombie-worthy body. I blush to the tips of my toes whenever I see him now!

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  • At my first apartment a woman about 40, I'm guessing, used to watch me undress. I pretended I didn't know she was peeking from behind a curtain, and every night she got a show until I moved into another apartment with a girlfriend. Now and then I think about those shows and get so h****.

  • In a moment of insane horniness and a h****** that won't quit, I undressed in front of my bedroom window and saw my hot neighbor watching. I couldn't believe it. She watched my entire show and I nearly shot my load with the excitement. I stroked my c*** afterwards and came in seconds from being so h**** beyond belief. Now she's at the window every night when I undress. I'm hoping she will eventually give me a show too. That would be so hot!

    You totally rock! Keep checking him out as much as you want hunny
    Just make sure he dosent catch you one of these days! Have fun :)

  • Not all girls like looking, but I do. I wear sunglasses at the beach and always get an eyeful without anyone knowing I'm l****** after the guys with hot bodies in wet and tight bathing suits. I hate speedos though. It's like too much information.

    What's even better is I'm so conservative no one would ever suspect innocent me lusts after guys bodies, lol. I believe it's natural. I was always curious about how boys looked with their clothes off, and I think the male body is beautiful.

  • Ha! Isn't it the best when they froget? I don't think my neighbor is drunk, I just think he's careless.

  • Very exciting! I saw the guy with the hot body in the house next door to me undress one night, but one night only. I think he came home a little tipsy and forgot to pull down the shades to his bedroom window. I saw him take off all his clothes, and I saw everything. I don't blush when I see him. I do sneak sideways glances at his crotch remembering the nice c*** beneath his pants. I have tried to see him undress at his window again, but he always pulls down the shades, unfortunately.

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