The Get Away

I had a hard month that summer, every single one of my family is putting every little blame on me!! I did nothing!! When my brother came home with his fiance to get marry. I took his fiance - as my brother told me - to the hotel to get marry, but sadly I got her to the wrong hotel and the marrige is off. So then, everyone had me with a look of dagger in the eyes.. After that, I saw my girlfriend cheating on me with a a rap singer, so I had a fought with and with that rap singer, (He got really ** up!!). Then I had the most biggest choice, is to get away. I reserved a flying ticket, and stool my brother's car to go to the air port, and then went to ROME !!! I had such a good time!! And I left my phone in the house with a memo said: "Hi !! The owner of this phone is lost and damned, P.S: there is no money in all of your wallets.". In rome I have met very good guys and made friends with them, I fell in love with a perfect woman, who is now my wife. I have seen Vince, eaten pizzas (ohh my god!!). When I came back home, everyone started asking me questions, "where have you been? - Are you insane?!? - What happened to my car!!??" But I was another man, while they were asking, I sat on the sofa watching TV, and then I said "Come On!! Give me some slack!! And ** off of me!!" They were surprised, and they all sat around me telling me what I have done there. After wards, my girfriend saw me with the italian woman, she totally got jeloused!! And then she wants me back, but I reject that. And after many invitations from her I got annoyed, and my italian girlfriend went to my Ex and slaped on the face threating her to not seeing her face, so she kept running away to the rap singer. Ahh my days in Rome!! I will totally gonna do it again!! So who is with me men!?! Lets DO IT!!

Next Confession

Best thing about it all

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    who goes to italy and eats pizzas? good try though! better luck next time

  • I laugh when I think this might be true...

  • Dumb and Can he be any Dumber? lol

  • Being a ** lets you get away with pretty much anything.

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