I've stayed with my aunt and her fiance for a couple of weeks now,and i feel creeped out because her fiance keeps watching me. Im a 14 year old boy and he stares at me when i walk to my room, the bathroom, doing choirs, or with friends. I feel to weirded out to talk to him or my aunt. What should do now ......

Jun 28, 2014

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  • Ask your aunt if she did a back ground check on him if she says why ? say because you can never be to sure with anyone .

    Now a days when you try to get a job that is one of the first things the
    employer ask is a back ground check so if they do it why aren't people who they marry do it ?

    Could be nothing or it could be something why take a chance if this guy is a s** offender last thing you want is waking up with him on you .

  • Ask him what the f*** is he looking at

  • Stare at him back. Let him know you're watching him watch you. Maybe casually make mention of someone you know being arrested for molestation

  • I agree, stay away!

  • I would agree, stay away!

  • I would advise staying away from him he sounds a little weird and it could be some kind of sexual attraction

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