Cheated on my wife

When my wife (married a year and half ago) were 1st dating starting 7 years ago. A client of mine was getting divorced, I began flirtimg with her, we'd go to lunch, grab a drink. Obviously hid all of this from my GF, so was really seeing both of them at one time, which was easy since GF lived 5 hours away.
Continued to do so even after GF found emails and texts between us, told her was nothing and had stopped talkimg to or seeimg the other woman.
Then we were married and although mpre infrequently, still saw the other woman, always hiding. Well got busted on Valentines Day, actually went to a project ,eetimg with the other woman, on way back to office, we kissed passionately in car. Several times....
Well guess who had followed me, yes my WIFE!
she has since left and moved 5 hours away again,
i'm tryimg to get her back, but she's not able/willing to trust me again

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  • Then you should just f*** me

  • Im game.

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