I'm so confused... And a little hurt

My boyfriend and I are roman catholic. So are both of our parents. So we've always been close, before we were dating, and now we've been dating for about seven months. We both know that we can't do it before marriage and we both accepted and liked that. Except, now I kinda of think he wants to. At first I thought he was kidding, but now I'm not sure. He called me a 'super catholic' and that I don't love him. When I said I did he said 'I mean LOVE'. I know that all guys think like that anyways but I never thought he'd expres that... Is he just joking with me or should I take this seriously???
I mean, it's really tempting and I hate it. I wanna wait for marriage but... He's so... Ugh!!!!!!!!

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  • I lost mine last year at 14... Last yr from pressuring

  • I know exactly how you feel a few years ago I was there... well not exactly but similar. At first like you said it all seemed good both on same page, but then well it seemed more and more like hard to wait, and well he didn't really want to (my bf was older than me, not sure about yours). I stuck with my beliefs, and well, we eventually drifted apart and broke up. Now later, I regret it. I think that we were to the point that we needed to express our love for each other in a physical (sexual) way and I think by not letting that happen was step one in our love withering. Only you can decide for you. I know for me, now, well I wish I had agreed to let him make love to me.

  • Find a guy who respects your values and he will respect you for life.

  • ^ totally ^

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