I need some SERIOUS help…

Well, when i was around 8 years old, (I'm 13 now) I got a computer. Yes. Very normal. But just wait.

So, one day, I thought about cheerleading and how I wanted to be one. So, I typed in cheerleaders, not knowing that in front of "cheerleaders" was the 3 letters "nak." And my Google auto correct made it "naked" without me knowing it. So my search turned out to be "naked cheerleaders."

My dad had always taught me that when googling something, always click on the first match. Its always the best. So I clicked on the first link, not knowing my search, and there sat a p*** site.

I got really scared and X-ed out of the site. I didnt know what to do! For the 10 seconds i looked at that site, I saw big "peepees" now known as "di*ks" or "pu*sies." I also saw big "boobies" now known as "t******."

That night when my mom put me to bed, I started thinking about my discovery. I wanted another peek. So I snuck downstairs and looked at the site. And I couldnt stop.

The thing that scared me the most was that I had a strange temptation to rub my…uhhh…downstairs area. So I did and it felt really good.

Then I went to bed, and continued to sneak downstairs and watch p*** EVERY night.

I did stop watching it for a while, because it didnt feel right. Then I got an iPod Touch 4G last year and started again. Im addicted again, and I rub myself now with no clothes on. And I also hump towels, pillows, and the edge of my bed.

I need some help. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Why am I so tempted to rub myself all the time? I dont know. But i need some help. Please leave your answers in the comments. I need comments. Rubbing myself is shutting me down, how I think about rubbing ALL THE TIME. It sucks. Please. Please. please. PLEASE help me.<3


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  • Love to rub it for you, I would have preferred rubbing when you were 8 though, I will suck it as well if you want

  • P*** is very addicting and I was suffer with the shame and guilt of this addiction. Confide in your father or mother open the lines of communication, this is a tough thing to deal with but with help you can overcome it. For me I had to block the rating with a random password and even had to switch phone that has a limited internet use. I hate the phone but it keeps me clean. When I feel myself slipping I either open the door or put myself in a room with others.

  • its not at all normal ..... p*** every night and rubbing always makes you a very disgusting and a h**** individual .... c a therapist and such for a little information you are too young for humping stuff

  • naw it's normal

  • Your normal, just don't let the p*** get inthe way of "real" life!

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