At least he thinks I'm perfect.

I'm 5'1 (ALMOST), about 115 pounds, small b****, I wear "boyish" clothes, I don't really care about makeup, or my nails, or looking "perfect". My hair's always a little messy, and has been almost boyishly short at times. I hang out with my guy friends and feel like one of the dudes. I keep my nails nice and short so they don't get in the way of me playing bass guitar, and my boyfriend of almost 2 years still says I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. I feel bad for all the girls out there that think they have to try so hard to be "perfect" in order for guys to pay attention to them. Those aren't the kind of guys you want attention from. Trust me.

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  • You sound like a perfect girlfriend, natural, humble and nice, and probably just as beautiful as your boyfriend says.

  • Good girl ur right ( im a guy ) All girls shud do a test, come in lookin like h*** and see how good hes treating u now... ull be surprised but at least ull find the good one who dosent care

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