Better than her

I feel like I'm a great looking woman. Pretty face, Nice body, thick in the good places, slim in the others. I'm smart too... Degrees, great job, working on my entrepreneur thing. But... When I see women who may look better, and have all the same things I do... I confess when they have weave or fake nails, contacts, body parts...

I feel like I"m better than them because my long hair is real, my nails are real, my pretty brown eyes are mine. . lol Sorry.

Jun 30, 2014

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  • I'm a great looking woman too. But I care much more about building my skill set and having great relationships with the relatively few people who meet my criteria (you have to be intelligent, not bought into this world's terminally screwed up "values", recognize that not everyone has the same life you do, etc.).

    I don't think, I *KNOW* I'm better than c**** like you who put so much more emphasis on how they look than what they're like to other people. And I've got dozens of loving family and friends who would back me up on that.

  • Nothing wrong with knowing your worth and natural beauty. My hot, educated, professional older sister (Master's in Education, Teacher, etc.) takes it as a compliment when other women try to dress like her, do their nails like hers (real, long, and always polished), same hairstyle, or mannerisms. Knows she's hot, beautiful, and better than most.

  • Blue eyes are and will always be better than urs

  • Having anything real doesn't make you better than the next person. You may feel some kind of competition towards women who wear weaves, nail or contacts. There is something in you where you feel you are still not good enough otherwise there is nothing to compare. There is no reason to think less of someone because they choose accessories that you may not need. Find your self-esteem.

  • If OP had any self-esteem, she wouldn't need to spend so much energy comparing and judging. Too bad natural assets don't automatically bring happiness. Not that that matters, since they don't last forever anyway. lol, sorry, OP :)

  • You shouldn't feel like you're better than anyone, especially over superficial things like that. If you want to feel good about yourself, that's awesome. But there's a difference between confidence and being a stuck up b****.

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