Giving up on the world. Women and men.

Honestly I'm absolutely DONE with the world.
I don't care at this point that I'm an idealist, but I'm just... ugh.
I'm a simple girl, young (almost 20), simple tastes. Don't listen to the Kardashians, or who's in a relationship with who on Instagram... I just read The Times, draw, and all the regular crap. Gaming included.
But seriously, I'm surprised I'm the only one living like this.
Every girl I know has horrendous brows, fake nails, lashes, tight yoga pants that show off their creases and heels they can't walk in whilst they disinfect their organs with gallons of alcohol every night. The men aren't much different.
I can understand wanting to look nice. I get my nails and brows done (filed and polished nails, shaped brows), but they're natural. Never tint them, never fill them in...never need to. Never touched hair extensions, either.

Every person I talk to is either focused on who's doing what and when, taking photos of themselves saying 'I look cute/hot/handsome today' (who said you did?) and parading themselves like they're the Queen/ King of the Nile whilst they have all but £10 or so in their pocket, living on the dole. All they care about is 'getting it on with someone', drinking, and looking like something they're not. Never mind the amount of cheating and 'drama' that goes on.

Is having someone who is... similar to me too much to ask? Of course I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means but someone who's not celebrity/self-obsessed. Am I too old fashioned? :/

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  • It's easy to think you're the only one who thinks and feels this way, for two reasons: 1) Most people are shallow idiots, as you've described. 2) Those of us who are more like you tend to hide from the world because there are so many shallow idiots.

    The internet should have been the ideal means for people like us to finally find each other. Unfortunately, we just stand in our *virtual* corners now and cry to the online world about how they're "the only one living like this." Well done!

  • It is said that if you do the things you like to do and be yourself that you will run into someone who will like you for yourself. Of course you have to get out and do the things you like for that to happen. Perhaps there might be some type of gaming thing going on somewhere or maybe a drawing class. Check the paper and see if any events make you interested and don't rush things. It is better to wait for a while and meet the right person than to get used by all the wrong people and feel used. Get new friends; maybe at the events you go to or at the book store ect. Not sure where you live, so I don't know what is available to you. Follow your interests and don't rush it.

  • Go to college, get a degree, do something that you like, work your way up, and then you will have your thumb directly on top of most of the losers in the world for your own gain. They will be licking your shoes and you will be paid well for it. Have a will to power. It sounds like you want to separate yourself from the herd. Take it to the next level.

  • Whose to say, she hasn't already attained these aspirations. Maybe, she's just venting :)

  • No dear, it's just the damn culture nowadays. The internet ruined good healthy relationships, that and rap

  • I agree with you and believe we have a lot in common :-)

    I'm from Leeds and believe the culture of modern society is too superficial and materialistic.

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