Special friend with special affinity !

So, i have this friend, and shes like supper funny and cool and stuff, but she's the type of girl with EXTREMELY bad luck!
shes always or tripping, or doing dumb questions, or falling, or bumping into stuff, or forgetting stuff, and bla bla bla.
obviously, NO-ONE, not even I would have thought that she could actually be so special, and have this "awesome affinity"
..well, apparently only me and her super nice ex know about this..
she can actually see people's auras...
someone that sees auras is someone that sees like a type of halo or like a little shine thing around you that, depending on the color, tells about your personality.
how did i beleive her? well, she proved me she was right.... i asked her what my aura was, and she said "well, i can see its..green, and it has some yellow sparks... which means that you are kind, and have pity for mostly everything, even the non leaving, and u are natureloving and preffer to be alone outside to think."
i was like "!!!!!!!!!" because that is EXACTLY how i am (+ my fav color is green!)!!!!!

she says she thought everyone could see them too, and she found out like just a week ago thanks to her "apparently super freaky aunt" that has the same "affinity"

she says she doesnt like it too much... i say its pretty awsome :D

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  • me too

  • I wana meet this girl sounds awsme we should create a spirtual medtative community on a website kinda like how highdeas unites stoners

  • its not hard at all stare for about 60 seconds and focus on the third eye....you should start to see the inner most aura and then it branches out from there everyone has three auras

  • thats a cool gift. if u meditate you can see them

  • I can see auras too. :)

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