There's this guy at work that I really

There's this guy at work that I really can't stand. He is one of my bosses, and he has been mean to me since I started here. He is really loud and obnoxious, and he thinks he's better than eveybody on God's green earth. He likes to yell at people and make them look dumb. When he is around, I actually start to feel dumb. Anyway, my job is about to run out and I am really sad about that, but I am relieved that I am finally going to be rid of this j***.
Last week, I was sitting at my desk working, and he stayed in the bathroom (which is right by my office) for what seemed like an eternity. Finally he came out and had this envelope in his hand. He gave it to me and practically yelled at me, "Drop whatever you're doing and take this to the post office, NOW!" It said "Biohazard" on it. I assumed that it was a stool sample or something gross like that. So I laughed and did what I was instructed to do. Well, obviously his brother knew about whatever medical problems he has, so he decided to be funny when he called him. He said "This is ****'s rectumologist, is he in today?" So I said "Hold please" and paged him, saying "***, your rectumologist is on line 3." Hehehe - It was priceless. He stormed in here like I'd killed his dog or something. And everyone laughed.
I am the receptionist here at this uptight, snooty office. I bought phone messages, ya know, the "While you were out" notes- that said "While you out f****** off" just for this guy.
Anyway, anybody have ideas on practical jokes to play on this j*** before I leave??
I wanna get him good, so he will always remember to be nice to those who work hard for him in the future.

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  • LOL That post is hilarious! You should be very proud!

  • Good news! The loser quit working here. HAHAHA I am so happy I could do the rain dance right here at work.

  • P.S. I am a receptionist too!

  • I love this post so, so much. I think your ideas are all clever enough!

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