My Darkest Secret

It's crazy I know but I've never told anyone about this. Not family, not friends, not anyone. They'd never understand, they'd never be able to accept me and the thought of that is terrifying. I just couldn't deal with the shame and ridicule in real life.

The thing is though that I need to get it off my chest, I need to tell someone about "the incident" or else it's going to eat me up inside. So this site will have to do and you'll be the only ones to ever know the truth.

First, a small bit of background. I'm an average white male who is 20 years old and is currently attending college. I come from a typical suburban household and had a completely normal childhood. No molestation or rape, no beatings or abuse; nothing out of the ordinary. Think "Leave it To B*****" just without all the 50's shlock.

Throughout my teens and up until this year I've had my fair share of girlfriends. I'm not an Adonis by any means but I'm still fairly good looking and in shape. I'm well adjusted and have a decent sense of humor and a lot of women found that charming and attractive.

All in all my life has been good and so have my relationships. But it didn't matter. I always felt like something was missing, like there was a void deep down and I just couldn't fill it no matter what I tried. The day finally came when that changed, I was 15 years old, and I did something which I still regret to this day.

You see I'm an extremely h**** person. Not in the sitcom kind of way but in the real, uncomfortable to talk about, kind. Once puberty hit I just couldn't contain the little guy. I masturbated constantly and wore out any girlfriend I had.

Even with my hand and a girl it still seemed to not be enough. I was tuned on 24/7 and always looking for something better. I thought I had finally found that one day when I was at the zoo with a new girl I had recently started seeing.

We spent a few hours together doing the basic s*** people do when they're at a zoo: we looked at some animals, grabbed a bite to eat, and mostly just walked around in circles. Needless to say after 2 hours with her, she was great looking by the way, I needed some relief.

When she excused herself to go the bathroom I put my plan into action. Earlier on I had seen something that instantly turned my b**** to steel and now with her gone I had to go for it. By this time in the day not a lot of people were around, add to that how being h**** makes you stupid and well I just went for it.

I ran as fast as I could till I found the enclosure, making sure to look around first to see if anyone was around. Luckily no one was. That's when I jumped in and did the dumbest thing ever: I f***** an elephant.

The l*** I felt, I can't explain it. I could barely get my belt off, my hands were so shaky but the thought of it was so hot I continued fumbling till eventually my pants and underwear were off too.

I was merciless. I slammed dumbo so hard its honks/snorts/whatever the f*** elephants do could be heard all over the zoo. I grabbed on tight, holding its skin while yelling horrible things at it. Things like:

"YEAH! Take that you peanut eating b****" and "Welcome to the circus m***********".

Once my l*** was satisfied I dropped down 6 feet from where I had been attached to it and ran. I never did find out where the girl went after leaving the toilet but I didn't stick around to find out. Guys, What if it had my kid? Oh god.

Totally legit story guys. Totally legit.


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  • Wow, PETA's gonna get ALL over your ass.

  • Welcome to the circus m***********!

  • I think this might not be true.

  • I HOPE U F****** DIE U M***********!!!!!!!!!!!! F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • funny but stupid

  • true. lol. :P

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