Im am not ok.

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  • I understand how you feel. Do know that you are not alone

  • But You See , For Now , Noone Understands How Hard Life Is For Certain People ,Internet Help Does Nothing . You Need Someone With The Same Problem , Therefor . We Are Alone .
    Unless Your With ,
    To Write Love On Her arms <3

  • Scream it to the world and someone will listen. I heard you, haven't I?

  • thats the name of a song by MCR

  • ha, a song popped into my head too, "I'm OK with my decay" by Grandaddy...yours is spot on though

  • Get outside and grab the last person who called you. You need to take a detour from the every day life and see a new part of the world. If you can't get away go try some thing completely new! Life is challenging and depression has a lot of ups and downs but in the end God (or what ever deity) gave you this life for a reason. Go find it!

  • a psychic solution for "I am not ok"?
    Why am i not suprised to see "God" pop up in a prepackaged response. Some meaningful responses to "I am not ok" is "not enough information", "ok", "what's wrong?" "do you want to talk about it" etc...

  • I know how you feel. If you want I'll listen

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