The best spam you'll ever get

Ever since I got my own iPhone, I love to send naked pictures of myself to random email addresses.

I'm an attractive girl, and while I still live with my parents, I have hours to kill every night. I take extremely explicit pictures of my body, everything from p**** close-ups to full body shots without my face. I have a fake email address which I then use to send them to any email addresses I can imagine. I usually use guy names like mikesmith, or steve.jones, and then send them to gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. All I say in the message is "enjoy". It's not unusual for me to send 50 in a night, and I love reading and seeing the responses that come in. I never respond from that point on, but I can't resist sending more pics to even more random guys. I love the thought of a guy getting it in his email completely out of the blue.

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  • That is disgustimg dude stop. Its just.. Seriously smome could find out! And its not like God Will be very pleased either!

  • Don't be a hater or a buzz kill

  • If it was the other way around and a guy was sending pics they would hunt him down until they found him and he would most prob be locked up for exposure. Get a life and stop flirting with danger!!!

  • That's disgusting,what a w****.

  • Just get one man that compliments you obsessively and you should be fine. Or seek counselling to find out why your self esteem is low. I agree that ur playing w/ fire....might get burned by the law or the rapists hun. This sounds harsh and I'm sorry to hurt your feelings, but this is a confession post...

  • You can be charged with distribution (especially if you are under your state's age of consent, or if anyone you send these pictures to is under their state's age of consent. You are playing with fire. Stop it.

  • send me one too! kingsholto at yahoo

  • Yeah... What if theres someone young involved?

  • oh that was you? Lol jk

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