Nobody wants a UniBrow

When i was in elementary school i had huge eyebrows and a uni brow. my family used to make fun of me for it. so did people at school. so one day after my shower i decided to use my moms razor to shape my eyebrows.

As im in the middle of carefully trimming my eye brows with a razor my sister came and banged on the door for me to hurry up. I was startled and the razor slipped. I shaved off my entire left eye brow.

I was so scared. I tried using a band-aid to cover it up, but it didnt work. Finally i used some scissors to cut my hair into bangs to cover it.I found out i have a cow-lick. If i have bangs in the front of my hair for some reason the hair in the back of my head sticks up. It was not a fun monday.

Sep 1, 2011

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  • as if, you wouldve sliced your eyebrow off

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