Friendship, love, hurt

We had a perfect friendship, now it's a mess. i know you would never knowingly or deliberately hurt me, and i wish i was strong enough to not take things too personally.

but when i'm around you now, i feel so rejected. i know i'm pushing you away. you said you didn't know how to fix this, honestly, neither do i.

sometimes i fear the reason i felt so hurt, and still feel so miserable despite your apologies is because i'm secretly in love with you. which complicates everything... which would also make this my fault.

you're the one i'd go to to talk about stuff like this. i've got no one else, and i want no one else.... but i can't even bear to look at your face anymore.

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  • i know exactly how you feel, im going through the same thing.

  • Then get over it.

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