I'm a sophomore in college.
I have a 3.0.
I am in the nursing program.
I have a wonderful boyfriend.
I am generous.
I am kind.
I am smart.
I am of average height and weight.
I have dirty blonde hair.
I seem happy; for the most part.

.. well i struggle with anxiety. My therapists think im fine, because i cannot find the words to explain to them that i am afraid of the world, i am afraid of living here knowing that it will eventually come to an end, thinking about the meaning of life and just the universe itself immediately sends me into a state of panic, yes i fear living but i fear dying so much more. I confess that while everyone thinks im getting better, and that these changes i have made are making me better.. inside i feel so much worse and i wish i could be happy for once.

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  • I am really depressed but I notice that a lot of it is me, that I want to quit confession /rant page addiction, youtube addiction. no date sites, no self promoting books etc
    I am sick of hearing the dirty stories and crap. i am sick of trash about royals and make up gurus

    I only want to use internet for education, some small social mild way and some news and music and learning but its not helping me exercise or find love,

    i feel bullied on rant/confession sites. there are toxic subjects that people attack over- royals whores and

    trolls like bandit, bunnypoeta, bzzz, pissweed/golden dumpster, mario, bully on youtubes, bullies on i4give ( is a real c***). rant rampage has a few c****
    secretsanon has some, simply confess is full of a*******, youtube the meghan markle terrorists.

    i will never find a friend and there will be no one to help me when my parents are sick or die. thanks meghan fuckdog bullydog bulldog tonguelass.

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