My first kiss.... at 19

I've just had my first kiss, he finally got the courage to tell me how he feels...

but I have some regrets...

I should have kissed him the moment we were sitting at the park, when he told me how he feels, instead, I kissed him when I sid good bye to him, in his car, and we were kind of in a hurry so I gave him a quick peck, it almost didn't show that I loved him... it was so quck, so cold... I should have done it at the right moment... it would have been so romantic if I had done it at the park...

I hope he didn't think it was too soon, we're both christians, and we haven't even asked our pastor or our youth leader and we didn't even pray together for this... maybe it was too soon, I feel like a w****, does he think I'm a w****? maybe he thinks I've done the same thing with thousands of guys :(

Somebody please give me your opinion on this

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  • Just go and f***

  • I had my first kiss with my bestfriend. a peck is nothing to feel guilty about. if you really like him try it again at the park. nothing wrong with practicing. A w**** does it for money a s*** does it for fun. wait and make sure he is the one you want to be with, talk to your pastor, when the time is right you will know but take your time and pray. God listens and will lead you to the right decision

  • Thank you anonymouses, your comments helped a lot, they made me feel way better.

    Last night we were chatting on MSN and he told me he hadn't slept the night we kissed because he was in shock from "how I said goodbye"...
    I told him how I was in shock too because I didn't expect that reaction from myself, then he said "Don't get me wrong, I did like it" and then he said "Ever heard of spontaneity? That's what it is"


    Maybe he does think it was too soon, but at least now I know he liked it...

  • Stop right there. There is nothing wrong with what you did. If he is like any other normal man the fact that you showed any phisical interest at all means he is happy beyond care right now. I am a christian and i cant stand when people take the faith to a point that it makes them socally awkward like you are describing here. You need not ask anyone if it is ok to follow this emotional connection. You and him are both christians so that makes this all the better. A w**** is someone who has s** with people for money. You kissed him. THere is a definit difference here and you should not feel that way. Take joy in this great situation and dont ever let someone tell you that it is wrong. You are not a w****. He is happy. You go out now and be happy. This special moment is yours and God shares in your joy.....So start living like it :)

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