You got what you deserved.

I loved you so much. I thought you loved me too, but you didn't.

When you slept with him, it almost drove me to suicide. We were together for a year. And looking back, I can see now that this wasn't the first time you cheated.

I tried killing myself numerous times but I never could bring myself to do it.

And then, a month later, you ran into my arms crying and begging for me to forgive you, to take you back. Part of me wanted to, it really did. Part of me wanted to kill you. Part of me didn't give a damn about you.

Im usually a nice person. Really, I am. But you made your choice. You passed me up for others who never cared about you. I threw you out of my house, and i cried for days after that. I wanted you back, but no matter how much I like the girl I don't beleive in dating twice, especially if she cheated on me.

Its been two years since then. I started dating your sister. We've been together for two years, and plan to get married next month.

Its been two years since then. You never could hide the bruises from when your boyfriends beat you. Everyone knew what was happening.

Its been two years since then. And you haven't been able to keep a relationship for longer then a month.

Its been two years since then. Your sister told me that you tested positive.

Its been two years since then. I no longer care about you.

Its been two years since then. And you've gotten what you deserve.

So, when you are at the wedding I want you to look at us. I want you to see how happy you might have been had you not cheated on me.

You knowing just how happy you could have been is, to me, the perfect revenge.



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  • What a crock of BS!

  • That is beautiful it's almost like poetry.

  • u r so bitter inside, like a dark, sly, wolf in the cover of lamb.
    if man so bitter of a girl, it's a bit petty/p****.
    u remind me some guys with low quality

  • if your just marrying her sister to get revenge on her you are an idiot. try dating someone outside the family... hey?

  • It's wasn't out of revenge. She had a bad break up around the same time, I had reservations at a nice restaurant and I didn't have anyone to go with. I figured that we could go, try to have a good time and get over what happened. Things went well, we started dating afterwards.

    So, me dating her wasn't revenge. It as more like I paid good money for these reservations and didn't want them to be wasted.

  • You sound a little bitter... you sure you're over her?

  • who wouldn't be bitter about getting cheated on? she could have given him a disease had she not left his life sooner.

  • Isn't living well the best revenge. that is what they say.

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