Im tired

School sucks my life sucks complaining is so sucky and im tired school work on school work its all so annoying hearing people talk about their grades having A’s and B’s while i use to have that but now im a c student why am i even bothering anymore i come home with a attitude from school and having to sit alone its so sucky i just dont wanna try anymore and it feels like i cant breath i just wanna sleep forever and never wakeup

Sep 26, 2018

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  • L****. Dude if you are for real, and i don't know if you are because of so many BS stories on this site, but if you are. Just remember this. School is nothing more than a starting point into life. You don't have to graduate high school, you can get a GED. You don't have to go to a university, you can go to tech school. You don't have to go to tech school, you can go to the military.
    You don't have to do what everyone else is doing, just make sure you follow your own path and do something, whatever that may be.

  • Who cares that sheeple can get A&B grades, maybe your life path is different and better. Many actors dropped out of school and became famous, for that matter, many brilliant have. In today’s world though, you will need at least a ged. Just know this, high school sucks for a lot of people, and it will pass so quickly that one day you’ll wish you could go back and redo it without caring what other douchebags think. Get moving, go for a hike, walk, it’s great for depression. If you stop you drop. Praying for you 💙

  • Life is challenge you must face it boy. Grades keeps on fluctuating no biggie.

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