Is it just me?

I am a girl and im asian im adopted and every one makes fun of me for it they make raicist jokes. im also not the smartest person or asian around either i have dyslexia and adhd. but no one really knows that so they also tease me about how im the opposite of the stereotype asian. my familly life isnt the best either 6th through 9th grade was the worst years of my life so far my parents r always yelling at me and call me names and hit me. my boy friend of six months just broke up with me and is dating my best friend. i have tried to move on and start some sports but never made the cut. im going through a huge depresion state and have started to not eat and when i do eat i puke everything up. i am 5'2" and weight about 82 pounds and still losing weight.
some one please help me

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  • "I used to be dyslexic but I am ko now"

    Sorry just a little dyslexic humour. Trying to make you laugh, not making fun of you.

    Just try to be a good person, and hopefully someday someone will see how great you are and love you for it. I have failed at many things in life, but I am surviving. Many heartaches today won't matter when you look back on your life. Keep your chin up.

  • ha ha ha thanks so much
    i had to spell check the whole thing to make sure it made sense i don't want any one to judge me because i'm a "stupid asian"

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