I wish I knew what to do...

So I've really liked this guy for about five months now, he's sweet, funny, friendly, cute and we get on great. All the signs have been there that he feels the same, there's been plenty of flirting between us and lots of hints. I don't know if it was because both of us were too scared to make the first move or what but despite all the hints neither of us ever tried anything.

Last night we were out with a couple of friends at a pub and under the bench we were sat on he took my hand. We were holding hands for about ten minutes sort of stroking each others hand with out thumbs. Then we got in our friends car to go somewhere else and we're both sat in the back where once again we were holding hands. This kind of continued for the rest of the night, holding hands where no one could see. Later in the night we all had a group hug and while no one else could see he kissed my neck and my cheek by my lips and then at the end of the night after more hand holding he hugged me as we dropped him off home and kissed my neck again.

We're all hanging out again tonight and I really want to tell him how I feel but tomorrow morning I go away and the day I come back is the same day he leaves town for University. The Uni he's going to is a few hours away and neither of us drive so once he's gone we're not going to have a lot of chances to see each other. In some ways this makes me want to tell him more since the thought of him going off and meeting someone else there makes me feel so sad but at the same time I don't see how anything can really come out of it if after tonight we're not going to see each other for at least a month. I wish I knew which choice to make.

This all probably sounds very lame. It certainly feels it. Every guy I've ever felt close to before the situation has been very different. Usually I meet someone and tell them straight away how I feel and it either happens or it doesn't but this time around everything feels different somehow. I wish we had more time living near each other to really explore this.

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  • Tell ken to f*** off. he had a devil tattoo. he drugged me with something in that alcohol and raped me.

    f*** off devil. you are not of god. I don't want you around me. my parents and I and all my family don't like you. go away dirty demon.

    you are the seed of the devil. you are evil.get lost. stop stalking me.
    I have never said I love you you have never said you loved me.
    we don't have anything.I never had a vow to you.I never married you. i never had a kid to you.you were married to anne you said. I am not anne.

    stop playing games of that yellow, golden bs. no woman finds a man funny or attractive who calls himself a golden diaper. you mean nothing to me.

    I love someone else. i get love from someone else. I have another man who is loving me and he will harm you. you will end up in jail where you belong.
    stop now or suffer consequences because you will be removed by police.

    please god please make ken stop abusing me. i prayer lord I am so sick of this dirty disgusting demonic thing and I love someone else. another man loves me. ken is getting in the way. before long we will go to police again. stop abusing us. we want our life together without ken. you belong in a jail and you need mental help ken and you are not my problem. get lost. go find your miraha carey and stop using laws of attraction to draw me in, its not going to work because you are a devil and god won't allow you to take me into your h*** ever again, now we know your game.

  • Usually i get to that stage if i am lucky and my heart is all for him and then he cuts me off and it goes no forward then just night of hands hug and peck and over. no sexual satisfaction at all from the one you like is defeating as s*** and then to raped by a ugly monester right after meeting a man I was crazy in love with was the biggest insult out. that is why i have given up everytime it gets to the good feeling exciting sexy stage he dumps me down on my ass and that has been the story of my life from a young age and i am left to m********* or i fall into the wrong hands of dirty handlers. it would be nice for once just once if nothing else for it to work out and actually get sexually fullfilled by the one you are turned on by and not pasted over to his ugly old fat bald married mate of 60 something or the like. its insulting. rather have no one at all and not even fall for the hands and hug and ignore the flirting cuz you know the pattern that will happen and you don't want to go back there. I seem to like men who are professional, medical or academic, legal or police or artists of some kind or in a suit and athletic in shape and tall everything I was working towards and never got to be really. and to be deflated every time is not funny. someone is going to get hurt for that one day. should i hurt someone deliberately for that , sure I would. for every hurt you should hurt another back to roll the karma over. it could be helping them.

  • Worst that could happen is that he says no. Sooner the better. either get the relationship going faster or getting over him faster. Just say it. Could be a really great chance for a really good relationship.

  • tell him! tell him!.. tell him how you feel, dont b nervous or think of negitive outcomes. honisty is the best policy and u have no reason not to tell him besides being scared

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