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I wish people could just admit to themselves that they have feelings for others besides their SO. Not go around behind their back and lie and cheat and sneak to get s** or other things they need. It's pathetic and ruins so many relationships that don't need to be ruined. Humans are not built for strict monogamy, it's a recent Western idea within the last few hundred years or so. It is so normal and natural and okay to have feelings, sexual or romantic or whatever, for other people. Relationships don't have to be so strictly defined. Things can just happen as they happen. My partner and I love each other more than anything, but if we have a desire to see other people, all it takes is 1: safety and 2: communication! We have had no problems, and it's a wonderful drama-free way to live. I highly suggest talking with your partner. And if you can't talk to them openly about stuff like this, or h***, if you can't talk to them about every possible thing you would want to bring up to them... it's not a good relationship!

Sep 9, 2013

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  • Open relationships may work for some people , but not for many . you are an excuse maker and certainly not mature , perhaps your a boy or a girl . People have been getting married and living happily ever after for many thousands of years . But they are mature and intelligent and respectful to each other . Having a wild fling is one thing , but living a constantly life style shows utter contempt for the person you are with , like they are trash or something . Nothing is precious or sacred to you , your worthless as people go . Imagine having a father like you or a mother , destroy that home because of s**. You sound like you are totally worthless and dysfunctional , not even worth killing , if someone killed you no one will miss you because you have nothing inside you to be missed .

  • You do know that throughout history the most common mode of marriage was between one man and his harem of women, right? Marriage has never been about love, not until the last 100 years.

    I think it's pretty amazing how something as simple as me saying "my partner and I like to have s** with other people and we're ok with that" results in THE ULTIMATE judgment from you. I think this says a whole lot more about you than it does about me.

    The two of us love each other and we are a central facet of the other's life. We are mature enough to understand that we may not be EVERYTHING the other person needs sexually, and mature enough not to jealously guard the other person's body like it belongs to us. We communicate, and if we're not okay with something the other person is doing we say so. You need to understand that other people have different lives than what you're used to, and it's not automatically bad because it goes against what you understand.

    And as to my parents, my home was pretty well destroyed without extramarital s**. Maybe if they'd been able to accept that they could see other people and still be happy and safe, things would not have been so full of despair and anger and jealousy and mistrust!

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