I'm bi-polar

I know I suffer from Bi-polar disorder and I cannot bring myself to tell my family or friends.

I am the strong, successful, supportive, caring and solid person in our family.

There is always something happening : someone dies, another someone dies, someone gets married, has an alcahol problem, has a baby or confesses to being depressed! There is never a good time to tell them. Because they are always occupied with someone elses drama.

And I know, that even though I love to convince myself 'there is never a good time', I will never ever tell them, even if there were a good time.

So I will be bi-polar, and at times feel like I would rather die than be this sad. For ever.

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  • Trust me, if you're bipolar, they already know. You probably just have the kinds of family and friends who pretend there isn't an elephant in the room, that's how most people are.

  • I feel that way this morning nothing feels right. can't feel comfortable with curry smell sheets and listening to worst music videos ever on youtube and a kwells course on s***. mess in house with cat chuck and no support or help to clean it up. what am I supposed to do? I can't clean it all myself. one day mr messy s*** is going to get her chuck over her that no psycho centre can help her with!

  • Are you on any medication? Maybe you don't have to tell your family if you could just get your symptoms under control with medicine. I hope everything goes well for you. Being Bi-Polar runs in my family, so I know what you're going through.

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