I love my girlfriend, she's great but she has bi-polar disorder and i'm not sure I can ask her to marry me for that reason alone.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I used to have a girlfriend who was a diagnosed bi-polar or manic depressive.
    There were no outward differences between her and anyone else except for one thing.
    And I'm serious about this.
    She had a strange proclivity to want to sleep with my friends.
    I thought she was kidding the first time she told me she wouldn't mind having s** with my best friend, but she got real serious and told me she meant it.
    She didn't even ask me if I'd mind and I don't think she cared one way or another.
    It wasn't confined to him, but to every guy I knew.
    Then, she told me she applied for a job at a law firm (she's a paralegal secretary), didn't get the job, mind you, but wound up sucking and f****** the guy who gave her the interview.
    She told me all about it like she was discussing how bad traffic was on the way home.
    Now, I don't really know if this is a result of her bi-polar disorder, but I've never encountered this situation before and have no other explanation for it.
    By the way, we wound up breaking up for the simple reason that she can't keep her pants on or stay off her knees.
    If you marry your girlfriend, I hope you have better luck.

  • No what man as long as you got a girl that actually cares about you just be careful bro because there are a lot of girls out there in the world who can make you think they love you then leave your ass just when you think they care. Just look out bro.

  • .... in sickness and health... Need we say more?

  • an illness doesn't make someone not worthy...but going off their meds, acting erratic and repeat (10x) does

  • thats what MEDS are for

  • Does she seriously have bi-polar disorder(diagnosed), or do you just feel like she does?

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