Over-obsessing, I guess.

Sprite, this is for you.

So you and I started out as really good friends about a month ago. I noticed right from the get-go that you liked me, particularly when you were jabbing me with that stick at the first meeting. I was really excited. I wanted to hang out with you because you seemed really cool. At the same time, I was a bit reluctant because I didn't want to give you the wrong impression. I liked you, but not that way. You felt differently, though.

You were confident enough to ask me out on a date to watch The Lion King. I had lots of fun that night, even though we were trying to evade two of my friends and an awkward moment. I told you things that I didn't usually tell other people. And in that moment, I could feel myself wanting to give you a chance.

Then you kissed me. It was on the cheek, but I could tell you wanted to go for the mouth. I kept telling myself I didn't like you that way, but if I really didn't, why did I let you do it? My brain was telling me one thing, my biology another.

Then there was Swan Princess night at your friend's. I mostly remember the walk back from her place. I sat you down and told you exactly how I felt about everything happening between us. I told you, a complete n00b at relationships, that kissing was not the way to go at first glance. I took your hand in mine and told you that I wasn't leading you on. I bade you good night and headed back to my room.

A couple nights later was the screamathon. You and I got really really close, holding hands, resting on each other, and occasionally kissing on the cheek. You walked me all the way back to my dorm so I didn't have to go alone. We hung around awkwardly, knowing that one of us would kiss the other. I moved in, kissing you good night. I saw the strut you did walking away, knowing that you finally succeeded.

The next day was very similar. We did kiss a little bit more, though. Once your friends were gone, we just decided to make out a lot. And that's when I asked you to be my boyfriend. We both went a bit crazy with excitement.

And then...I dunno. We were basically the same. But something felt different. I guess we didn't have as much time alone. It was always hanging out with your friends.

Then your mom came for family weekend. I noticed that your texts grew shorter and said fewer.

What I have to say is thanks for dumping me in person, I guess. I was hoping to stay friends with you, but I don't even know if you want that anymore. No more texts out of the blue for no reason at all. No more invites to get food.

It's only been a few days. But I already feel as though I've lost you as a friend. DA meetings are gonna be awkward now. I'll have to find other friends and adapt.

It was nice being friends with you while we still hung around. I hope you score big as a film producer. Goodbye, Sprite.

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