Three wives

I'm married to three women, all sisters and it was their idea.

I am an American living in Mumbai India, I met my first wife Laka, at a business conference. She has lived in London and is very worldly.

Well we hit it off right away and soon, I met her family and two sisters.

And after three months we decided to get married.

Her sisters were 19 Pyria and Sati 22 years old, and one day the Pyria said she dreamed she could meet someone like me. The Sati said the same thing.

I laughed and said there's only one me so I have to marry you all.

Laka, looked at me and I could see the gears turning in her head.

A few days later her father wanted to take to me. I was shocked when he said, the family wanted me to marry all three. He went on to say it is a long family tradition that the sister all marry the same man.

I found out that day that her "aunt" were actually Laka's father wives also.

So I agreed. It is not always easy, as they all feel I don't spend enough time with each of them.

Plus they all want big families.

But after 5 years and 7 children, I'm happier than ever.

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  • You lucky dog! I wish I could run into a situation like yours for real.I dont have a wife now but sure wish I could get one or two.I have been wanting to convert to mormon so I can have more than one wife but I dont know any black mormons.Enjoy and glad u shared.But wont american government give you trouble?

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