I have lost pretty much all social contact with the world since 2008. And now it has been dwindling down to basic immediate family. I wasn't always a recluse. Something must have happened; mediocre choices, comfort, or apathy. Sometimes I think it's been all three, but at different times. I've always said that my solitude was my choice. I didn't have to answer to any one, it was certainly freedom from judgement. But now I feel as if the world I was in, (where time didn't matter, where I mostly did as pleased --which wasn't much); that will or is about to change.

This might infuriate some people that have had to face the reality of unavoidable growth long before they really had to. Whether it was getting into a marriage (thus accepting a whole new level of responsibility), continuing with an unwanted pregnancy, or simply growing up too soon. I know the saying "life is not easy, deal with it."

But, what happens if one thinks that one is not worth the effort or is inept to socialize and be a productive citizen? Besides the obvious failure, which I have experienced. I want to know from those whom have made it out of their depression, rut, or apathetic state. How did you do it? What made it worth it?

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  • i have a friend who is similar to you regarding being socially isolated so I have experience discussing that issue and how he feels about it. But I don't have suggestions for you because for some people, social involvement and participation is always difficult. I wish I could help you more. Sorry.

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