What is her problem???

You know, there's this girl whom I used to go to college with 4 years ago and since then onwards she had been picking on me relentlessly.

I don't understand why!

I am a pretty tall and muscular girl, big boned and she never cease to remind me that I look like a man! I battle with low self esteem and low self confidence for a long time and her making petty remarks like that aren't making it easier.

I tried ignoring her because well, she's a bimbo! Also, she's pretty, quite smart, rich and have a good boyfriend who I pesonally believes deserves someone better than her.

I have no ill feelings towards her, really just that it's so unfathomable why did she choose to me of all people, I have enough problems!

Even after graduating she still torments me.
Whenever I post dolled up pictures of myself she goes "oh, so you decided to be a girl now?" or "OMG YOU'RE WEARING MAKEUP? I can't believe this, you of all people wear make up!"

What am I supposed to say to that? I have told her before that what she said wasn't very nice and people aren't gonna think well of her for saying such things. Well, obviously it fell on deaf ears and 2 days ago, I deleted her off my friend's list.
I mean how long am I going to endure this? I am only sorry I didn't do this earlier but really Im sad such people exist.

She got it going well with her life, then why is she bent on making others sad?

Im not her only victim, she picks on other people whom she deems 'less good looking that normal'.

Seriously, what the f*** is her problem???

I have learned to not mind what she says but still, things like this lingers you know.

And the best part is, she wants to be a child psychologist. May the Lord have mercy on the children's soul that she's going to work with.


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  • Tel her go and hav a s****

  • If she gave you so much s*** then why did you have her on your friends list in the first place?


  • sooner or later someone will knock the s*** out of her and she'll learn her lesson.

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