Never me.

Almost everyday I go to work, I'll constantly have a smile on my face. Not because I'm there, or because we're supposed to fake being happy, but because I know I'll see you. Even on days when you have off it seems like you have an excuse to pop in for a few minutes. And everything you do is so sweet in a way I can't ignore. All the times that they've made me wear that stupid mouse costume for parties that you're hosting, you'd either try to find someone else to do it for me, or you'll walk me to the costume closet and tell me that if any kids try and tackle me again you'll be there to protect me. All the times that I've gotten stressed out and sat outside on my break, and you'll walk up asking if I'm okay and offer to wait with me. All the times that you brush past me or touch my arm, or offer to give me "extra training". Everyone says it's obvious that you're into me. Even our managers have noticed and have asked me about it. The thing is I don't know if I can believe it or not. I feel like I'm just too ugly, socially awkward and annoying for you...

Oct 18, 2011

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  • He definitely seems to have interest in you and if you like him back then do something about it! What you describes sounds very sweet and he seems to care about you. Why not go after him? We all have our flaws, but we have to learn to either change them or accept them as a part of ourselves. Please don't put yourself down. Have confidence; there is good in everyone. And this guy clearly sees good attributes in you that he likes because he is showing that he cares. So be confident in what you have! Show him you care! Take that chance!

  • I say go for it and make the first move or at least drop a hint. If you feel that he feels something for you, then you should risk it because you feel so strongly about that person, if you don't you'll regret it and it's best to try because life is too short to hold back. You thinking that you're ugly or socially awkward is just your fear and your mind trying to be cautious. I'm sure you're lovely, in so many different ways, you just have to believe in that. Because you can't love others unless you love yourself first. So rock whatever you have, what god gave you and go after him before it's too late. Have faith and just take the plunge. Everything will be fine

  • You're both socially awkward. One of you is going to need to slay that dragon. Enough with the insecurities, make it you.

  • Oh, same person here. Your story was very sweet and romantic.

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