Ok so...

You treated her like crap, took everything she had away and held everything over her head because why? Because it felt so good to do it at the time? You thought that was the way it would always be and that's how you both would live forever? And so when the situation changed- as situations do because everything in life changes because that's what life IS- and the person you kicked while she was down was the same person who life finally gave a break to and was now up-- you're f****** shocked that she left you? You're f****** shocked that she didn't want to stick around? Really? See, that's the problem with you-- you don't realize that if you're not doing the things that make a woman WANT to stick around even when she has every option to flee, she's going to dump your ass the minute she's able. And that's one thing you just don't get... that's why they leave you. Then you panic and act all stupid and just can't get why. I can't tell if you're a narcissist or just completely clueless. If you're gonna beat a dog with a stick on a daily basis, don't be shocked that the minute the gate is left open, the dog hauls ass out the yard and into oblivion. What's the MATTER with you? How in the h*** did you get this way? Are you really so full of yourself-- or are you just a complete f****** idiot? That girl was really good to you, man-- REALLY. Every guy fantasizes about having a sweet, sexy girl like that with a really good heart and you just trashed her. And you're shocked that the minute she got her feet under her, she ran away? Really?

I really don't get you, man. You're like that stupid f****** fat kid that gets totally cool toys for Christmas that all the kids want and then intermediately goes out and totally destroys them for the h*** of it. Something is WRONG with you. You're my friend, but something is totally f****** wrong.

Oct 18, 2011

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  • U should tell him all of this, and just be straight up with him, I know he's ur friend, but u gotta let him know!

  • I did. Over and over and over. I told him even I could see that what was going on wasn't cool and the was being dumb and he agreed but it still didn't register obviously. I seriously think dude has a personality disorder or something.

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