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I am a 18 and I am still a virgin. I am almost 100% positive that I am a lesbian, because guys just don't turn me on and I don't find myself attracted to them. But I can't keep my eyes off of certain girls, I mean the tendernece and kindness and their soft touch. I haven't yet been with a female either but I so want to. Just one question if I have s** with a female am I still a virgin? I don't care I'm just wondering. The only time I have thought about having s** with a guy is when this other girl who is bisexual was invovled and we was going to have a threeway, but she canceled and since she wasn't no longer coming I cancled too. I just needed to say this all out loud cause people in my life would never understand.

Oct 24, 2011

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  • I think you are gonna be ok! But-i would hold off telling the folks. They arent as open minded when they get a few yrs on them. Im guessing you have already lost your cherry,so, if u do have s** with a girl and a d**** or vibrator is used, then it is at that point in time that u have lost ur wings. But, being of the male persuasion and loving fine p**** like i do, i think you owe it to urself to find out if c*** and braun overrule T&A. Then if u still enjoy the ladies,then go for it! But i would have the s** with a girl and a guy if i were in ur shoes. Spontaneous s** is always best. I enjoy being in public with my white spandex compression shorts. Thin and sheer. If u respond to this. I will give u my #. Goodluck sweetie. And enjoy!!

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