I had my first sexual experience when I

I had my first sexual experience when I was 9 with a girl, 11, who lived downstairs from me. She was on top of me when my mom walked in on us. Both of us got the beatings of our lives. Two years later, I was sexually abused by my oldest sister numerous times. I spent most of my childhood seeing my mom and my sisters get physically abused by my father. My first girlfriend cheated on me and broke things off. I came close to married my second girlfriend, but somehow things fell apart. Every girl I meet now either want to be just friends or they want to use me to get with my friends. I have not been in a relationship in 8 years. I have not been on a date in two years. Should I just go ahead and kill myself or is this life actually worth living?

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  • go back f*** your sisters p**** hard and then bend her over and f*** her ass deep and hard.

  • get some f****** friends!
    I'm sorry but having a gf/bf is not EVERYTHING in this world.
    it annoys me how people think you're not happy if you don't have a gf/bf. you can be happy single and living it up.
    okay :]

  • Have you talked to anyone about what happened with your sister? Maybe those are some issues you have to deal with before you can lead a fulfilling life.

  • oh honey, i am really sorry. I don' t know what that feels like,but it must be rough. Just hang in there!!!

  • that is such a sad situation. I hope you find something in your life to make you very happy after going through all this.

  • whoever said kill yourself is an ass and needs to shut up. they dont know anything about life.

  • Everything is only temporary. The pain and disappointment you feel will not last forever. Try doing lots of things to make yourself happy and your luck will change because you will be bringing positive energy into your life. Happy people are always the most attractive too. Once you make yourself truly happy someone special will appear.

  • Kill yourself.

  • You need to learn to love yourself before anyone else can love you. I was 14 before I had my first kiss. I hated myself and my life, and one day, it all went away, I actually believed it when my boyfriend told me I was pretty - we broke up, but I still have the confidence he gave me & it's worked to my advantage completely. Guys can sense when you don't believe in yourself. Girls can too. Be happy with yourself and then you can be happy with someone else, don't rely on someone else to make you happy.

  • No don't give up on life. You just have to change your approach on how you go about attracting the opposite s**. Also try to notice everybody. When I was younger I felt the same way. I didn't want to kill myself but I thought that I was not that attractive becuase none of the girls I liked, liked me. But what I didn't notice was that I was so focused on the girls who didn't like me I didn't see the ones who were checking me out. Don't worry you are not hopeless. Just change your approach and think positive. Things will get better.


  • I'm so sorry all that has happened to you. Please don't give up on life.

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