Hope this guy feels like a A-Hole

Message From Guy:
Actually i dont get everything i want i work for it. i loved you till the day you slept with laurell but i put that behind me and understood the stupid reason you told me. nad i dont think of just myself i have a whole family and friends who arent fake to care about. think before you talk, think of all the bad deccisions in life you have made, and think of the failure of a relationship you have had with your mom. think about why you made things so hard for yourself dont blame me i work for what i have. oh and yeah i play video games all day atleast i dont sit around and think of sorry i am of myself

Message From Girl:
Your not the one who was abused scared to do anything. Bullied. Almost killed. Beat up everyday for 3 years. Hospitalized. FORCED TO GROW UP. Moved schools. Kicked out. Yelled and screamed at everyday of your life. Not living with my mom my whole life. Getting even more abused by by who my abuser who sold me to for drugs and debt he owed. Getting a gun held to my head and told you were going to f****** die if you didn't do something. Not being able to get f****** help. Constantly living in fear for years on end. Yeah I'm suppose to have a relationship with my mom when I barely know/lived with her my whole childhood. Yeah it's "all my fault". Yeah I'll tell that to the everyone from now on a******! That yeah it's my fault I got raped, abused, sold for drugs. Almost being killed. Hospitalized. Moving schools. Losing friends. Not being able to live/know my mom well like other people. Losing the people who actually loved me and were my family (not my mom Emma or Steve) Forced to grow the h*** up. Yeah it's my fault. SEE YOU DON'T F****** GET IT. Everything that I've been through idara will live with me forever. Physical because i have broken ribs,bruises, and so much damage down low that I won't be able to have a healthy kids and have to have regular exams and blood work done for the rest of my life. mentally because I can barely have s** without flashbacks. Or freaking out. Not being able to trust people around be. Always having to watch my back because I'm scared my crazy abusive person is going to kill me because "I messed up his life forever" as he drives past my moms house leaving threats and send pics of guns he claims to have and will kill me with. Yeah this is "all my mess and my fault". Yeah nice idara. Great to say its all on me and its my fault. F*** you and your dumb ass self. you crossed the f****** line. You don't get what other people have to go through and how hard it is for people. YOUR THE ONE WHO HAS TO THINK BEFORE YOU TALK. CAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO YOU TALK TO WELL ENOUGH. DON'T DON'T DON'T YOU EVER F****** TALK OR EVEN REPLY BACK TO MY THIS. I AM WAY PAST DONE WITH YOU AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOU SO HELP ME GOD. F*** YOU! glad to see you know me so well

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  • Sounds like whomever you told off REALLY deserved it.

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