OK, so there's this totally crazy idea nagging me...

For a Green Day comic book.

Let me elaborate a bit, and just start off with: I used to write Green Day slash fanfiction (I'm just not gonna explain what that is... look it up). Also: I was not raised very religiously, and (THIS, I believe is human nature, to picture a person guiding them) sort of filled in the other side of conversations (in my head...) with Billie Joe. I've always been very imaginative; I come up with short scenes in my head as I fall asleep, and have since I can remember (it started off with me fighting with the Power Rangers! I was 5...)

But now those scenes have taken a life of their own and are forming a full, fleshed-out story detailing the origination of The Network (look it up) and serving as an allegory to coping with issues in my real life.

In other words: there's Green Day, there's "not Green Day", a Mary Sue (def. "self insertion into a story"), some teenage AND post-teenage-over-teenage angst, and magic ala Charmed and Buffy. Like, seriously? Am I still 15? Because this sounds like something I would've come up with when I was 15. Who the f*** would actually write that s***?! That's PAST PUBERTY?!

It's not like it would even be possible to publish it without some MASSIVE disclaimer just covering every f****** page. The only benefit of even just laying the foundations of it is that maybe then it can LEAVE ME ALONE and I won't have to spend weeks on end bent over my drawing table, meticulously placing every line and shape. To do so would be insanity... RIGHT?!

Oct 25, 2011

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