Lost faith...

I'd been slowly losing touch with Christianity for a while during the last years of high school. I tried to get it back by reading the whole bible. I ended up horrified and sobbing for hours, completely disturbed by the part of Genesis that'd I'd managed to get through. I'd never really thought about religion or Christianity much before then, and I tried my best not to think about it again after that. I think reading the Old Testament ruined my faith so horribly because I felt like I'd been lied to all my religious life. My family isn't very religious, but I'd gone to Sunday school when I was younger and went to church every few weeks. God in the bible conflicted with the God that'd I'd been told about, the one who is loving and cherishes humanity. I guess I just never thought too much about the bible stories I'd been told as a child. Now that I'm older I can't really consider myself a Christian. I don't know what I am, religiously. There's so much in the bible that I find morally questionable.

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  • I know that feeling. All I can say is keep an open mind and stay strong. It's so damn scary. I wish you happiness for whatever path you chose. If there is a God, I'd listen for Him, not people and make sure it isn't you.

    Sometimes we see what we want to see, but what we see may not necessarily be true.

    God or no God, the love you feel is real.

  • When choosing to read the Bible, you mustn't take it for the first few books or chapters. The OT has a lot of crazy things in it that (in the cultural text) was what God commanded. There IS evidence of a loving God in the OT though. If you want I could give you numerous stories of His grace and kindness and faithfulness without touching the New Testament. But here's the bottom line:
    God hates sin.
    God does NOT hate sinners.
    God sent His only son to suffer and die for our sins so that through HIs grace we may enter into heaven with Him and walk along His side.
    All you need to do is accept Him into your heart.
    He loves you more than anyone can fathom.
    Yes, sin is a part of our lives, and He knows, but what we need to is is repent from that sin.
    And when we slip up, all we need to do is sincerely ask for His forgiveness.

    I am praying for you and your heart right now. (I hope that doesn't sound too ridiculous.) But please don't close the door on the one true God. He never gives us anything He knows we can't handle :)
    Be blessed

  • Forget about the old testiment. God is dipicted as a d*** that orders the execution of entire towns including women and children. This wasn't god. Focus on the new testiment. And at the veryleast don't turn atheist they have done far worse then any ancient Hebrew. Stallon Mao et all.

  • The old testament reveals the justice of God and His righteousness. In the new testament we have the gospel, which brings to us the free gift of salvation.When I was 17 I came to the end of my rope: I was a sinner (sexual) and knew it and felt lost and condemned. Somehow it came to me that I should look to Jesus as my only hope. I desperation I prayed to Him to have mercy on me. He took my guilt away and gave me power to overcome--a power I never dreamed existed.

    Don't depend on today's religion and religious leaders.
    Seek the Lord with all your heart and He will not let you down

  • hebrews 11 verse 6 says it is impossible to please god without faith(trust)to be a real christian you need to accept that jesus died for your sins.and was raised from the dead,you need to trust that jesus paid for it all,and tell the lord you accept his free gift of love,and that you know you cannot ever be good enough to earn eternal life,in the book of john chapter 3 verse 16 it says God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosever believes(trusts) in him shall not perish but have eternal life, please accept this promise of god, and please remember god cannot lie

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