Possibly depressed

Right now i feel like i've hit rock bottom...so many times i've sat and thought about driving flat foot straight into a tree
i feel like i'm crying nearly every day
i hate my life
i have no real friends they're all friends of my bf
i havent had a best friend since year 4 someone that i can tell everything to
just when i think i'm starting to get close to someone they break my trust and tell someone everything i've told them in confidence....yes i could be a b**** and tell everyone what you've all told me but i try to be the bigger person
i'm starting to hate work and i have no idea what i actually want to do, i have no goals
i have no hobbies
i think i'm a fun person i'm chatty i dont hate my personality or the way i look but my whole life i've been called weird numerous times and i'm constantly f***** over by 'friends' or just get simply ditched
the house is constantly a mess, i'm the only one that cleans i'm sick of yelling at him to help clean...make a roster...yeah thats f****** worked hasnt it
walk into the house and i feel like s*** coz all i see is mess and i know i'm the only one that will do anything about it
i'm sick of him touching me all the time, you dont make time for me, you're a lazy pig, you dont talk to me about anything what makes u think i would want to be touched by you when everytime i look around all i see is reasons that make me hate you
no one was home and i was so angry/upset i just started punching the couch it felt good to get it out in a way but i skinned my knuckles and then got questions why they were like that. I told you and all you did was laugh and say dont you know how to punch....great answer it should have been why were you so upset you punched the couch...d*******

i feel like this is the only place i can say anything i have nobody to talk to about anything....i hate my life right now

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  • I promise there are people out there who love you <3 we all get down sometimes!

  • I'm sorry you feel that way. I hate my life too so I can relate.

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