Loosing my self esteem

I am getting plumper by the day.. with a protruding stomach..more so cause i have the thinnest possible legs in the world.. ive never come across anyone who's as tall as me but having legs so lean.. my calf muscles and thigh muscles are basically underdeveloped..i love drinking.. n thats what im doing while iam typying this confession.. i am basically a big selfboaster about how successful i have been with pretty women.. but when it comes to me as my turn..i s**** it up big time.. i dont know..sometimes what i am talking.. i hate looking myself in the mirror with that fat stomach and double chin.. i am not that huge thou..but just hate the look...i just cant be motivated by anyone.. i am hanging in the middle of no where.. i dont give time to my parents..as in they are far away .. but i dont even talk to then in days.. my sister keeps yelling at me..whos herself far away again.. ive not helped my parents financially..not that they are wanting..they are pretty well off.. but i wanted to do something big for them..materialistically ..like get them a car..i have a sweet wife..like the best woman in the world..but i keep fighting with her..she's the one who starts it..cause i think i am very lazy most of times and dont do things as she expects..basically i dont even finish my own pending things.. thats what she's unhappy about.. at the same time i feel like i need to get some women in my life..n feel like a man.. true man..with many woman..like im fed up of typing now also.. i dont know.. i just cant sustain with anything.. i know i am genetically very weak..here in india they address people as belonging to a particular cast / creed..n i belong to be one of the most downlooked upon.. i dont look that bad either, n have managed to attract a number of women.. but that stigmata is there in my minde.. that i belong to a poorer , weaker race.. when i look at all those european people who do nothing but still look so nice , pretty, handsome. beautiful withiout doing much...n here i try n run 7-8 kms every 2-3 days but get no results out.. my legs are still lean n i have a protruding stomach.. ive got absolutely no ass.. have a double chin.. have thick eyebrows which frown all the time.. have a fat nose.. that i hate ...Where do i go..i am not finished yet.. its just that i am already fed up of typing..does someone have a solution for me ..( i feel so relieved and happy typing all this )..i hope none of my close friends read this as i'll never be able to show them my face...


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  • Well I don't want to blood sacrifice myself just for jesus. that is as bad as preaching killing yourself for mohomand and budda or chiva and karbullah or Allah. etc I want to be in a religion that allows me to live my life to the fullest and best and longest with god and the new testament maybe but in my heart, mind and soul and deeds but I don't love jesus enough to die for him. sorry but I just won't do that for anyone. life is the beanstalk that god wants us to be happy and rich and full of good health and good mental state of mind, he wants us in love and wanting for nothing and having luxury and richness of life in all forms. that is the true god.

    This to me is set up for life. so did I to win at least $10 million cash, 3 units and gold bullion, a beach house and land, 2 cars and a world holiday- nothing less to be set up for live. married to someone I love and with babies and all I need. I know god wants all this and more for me.

  • Your wife craves the black penoris to scratch an itch that you can't. Hope this helps.

    Nicky "Cankles" Hirsch

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