Traitor roommate

My roommate is scum. He told my girlfriend, Christie, that I had other girls over and slept with them. Now he's dating my girl , sticking his dirty c*** in her.
I got partial payback last night. He came home sloppy drunk and passed out on his bed. I was thinking about Christie and was really h****. I went into his room and shook him. No response. I pulled out my hard d*** and rubbed the swollen head across his lips. Those lips that should not be kissing Christie, that deserved c*** more.
He had flopped face-first onto the bed, his head turned toward me. I wiped my precum on his upper lip, then started pushing my meat into his mouth, f****** it like he deserved.
I pulled out and finished j**********, shooting my thick c** onto his tongue. My load flowed out of his mouth onto his pillow, creating a large wet circle. He may have my girl, but now he'll go to sleep every night on my cumstain. I hope he woke up with a foul taste in his mouth.

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  • If that isn't gay then I don't f****** know what it..just the tought of it makes me cringe....brrrrrrrrrr*........

  • that's all u did to him are so disrespectful girls' mouth deserved c*** more.? and foul taste in mouth?

  • Ok initially VERY GAY

    but good payback... high 5:)


  • What is wrong with you? You are the one who should feel ashamed.You are a molester and obviously sick.

  • Oh wow...thats gay lol.

  • And now you'll forever have the memory of your 1st gay experience. Good for you. Next time suck his c*** real good, make him c** 3-4 times, he won't have energy for Christie.

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