Traitor roommate

My roommate is scum. He told my girlfriend, Christie, that I had other girls over and slept with them. Now he's dating my girl , sticking his dirty c*** in her.
I got partial payback last night. He came home sloppy drunk and passed out on his bed. I was thinking about Christie and was really h****. I went into his room and shook him. No response. I pulled out my hard d*** and rubbed the swollen head across his lips. Those lips that should not be kissing Christie, that deserved c*** more.
He had flopped face-first onto the bed, his head turned toward me. I wiped my precum on his upper lip, then started pushing my meat into his mouth, f****** it like he deserved.
I pulled out and finished j**********, shooting my thick c** onto his tongue. My load flowed out of his mouth onto his pillow, creating a large wet circle. He may have my girl, but now he'll go to sleep every night on my cumstain. I hope he woke up with a foul taste in his mouth.

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  • I did same thing. My college roommate stole my gf and even our joint friends by bad mouthing me to them. The worst was they were talking about my 'small d***' making jokes to me like it was a inside joke. I am average and ironically bigger than my roommate, but....

    So I had a enough. he thinks my d*** is small and useless. so... couple months went by and he thought we were cool again. at the end of the semester he was coming back to room after frat parties pass out drunk. And he was on some ADD drug or someting that really put him out. He wasn't supposed to drink with it he even told me. we went over this beginning of schoool year because I had to be aware if he was struggling breathing, etc, to move him so he didn't suffocate, cause he wouldn't wake up.

    You see where this is going. When he came back or was brought back like this I put this to bed. then I tested he was passed out to the world. of course he was, and I'd f*** his mouth for hours. I got to do this 2-3 times a week. after finals even more. I got to know how best to lay his head so when i came it didn't make him immediately choak. I was afraid if he choaked he'd wake up. easiest was to lay his head on my stomach and rock his face on my d***.

    One of the last times I did it, he was on his side on the edge of the bed, and I had been f****** his mouth for 10 minutes and he actually started sucking on me. I froze at first, then when I realized he was still out, I unloaded in his mouth almost immediately. My hand was on his throat, and he swallowed a few times, then stopped. I finally got him to swallow, so awesome. I know a lot of my c** went down his throat, especially when I came deep in his mouth, but he swallowed on his own. so great.

    only once in the morning did he make a comment of having bad taste in his mouth. I asked what he drank night before, and wanted to tell him it included 3 of my loads. ;)

  • If that isn't gay then I don't f****** know what it..just the tought of it makes me cringe....brrrrrrrrrr*........

  • that's all u did to him are so disrespectful girls' mouth deserved c*** more.? and foul taste in mouth?

  • Ok initially VERY GAY

    but good payback... high 5:)


  • What is wrong with you? You are the one who should feel ashamed.You are a molester and obviously sick.

  • Oh wow...thats gay lol.

  • And now you'll forever have the memory of your 1st gay experience. Good for you. Next time suck his c*** real good, make him c** 3-4 times, he won't have energy for Christie.

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