I am guilty. And I want a lover.

I confess..

My best friend forced me to touch him and forced himself on me when I was a little girl at the age of 5; it was nothing serious, but looking back on it now, I think it has turned me into a nympho. I have been masturbating and touching myself since the second grade. I am the sweet innocent girl who everyone calls naive. When I had my first serious relationship at the age of 17 being naive changed. I had s** and felt guilty because of it being premarital s**. I started to look at p***. I haven't had s** for 2 years because I feel guilty everytime. But I want it. I need it. I miss it. I miss feeling like I have become apart of another person. I miss calling out their name in lusty pleasured bliss.
What's worse is that I want MORE. I want to be tied down and abused and rewarded with pleasure, I want to be f***** hard and rough and ruthlessly. I want to be practically raped. I want a man to have his way with me.....and lately...I want a women to have her way with me. I want to feel my b****** press hard agaisnt hers. I want to bite her flesh and feel her wetness on my fingers. I can't think of anything more arousing and sensual than licking along her slick lips.

I am a girl. I am straight. I am Christian. And I am Guilty.

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  • i want to f*** u so badly im a girl and im chistan too' but i want my b**** on urs and like ur p**** will u c** i want u to cry out pleasure and pain i hope we can meet one day so we can f***. but the bad thing im straight too.

  • The usual bullshit made up by a middle aged man who has never had a woman. FFS, don't you guys ever emerge from your fantasy worlds and actually interact with real people?

  • Hey this is my post...

    Thanks for the comments. Got my wet just reading them. I would love to take a pounding from you guys and gals and love on you rough and hard ;)

  • Any time dear, you can have the cage next to the altar.

  • Over a 100 views in such a short time and no responses? Shame on you guys! WTF?

    Oh baby, I wanted to rape you even before I started reading the 2nd paragraph, I though that would give you a nice "excuse" to experience a good old-fashioned f****** for a change. Sincerely hope I can run into you and show you my basement for a couple of days.

  • May I watch ? Or I can be the girl whose b**** are pressed into her while you f*** her good and hard.

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