It Happened, I have No Problem With It

When I was too young to remember my parents got divorced. My grandmother hated my father, which helped the divorce along. When I was nine, my father got out of the Service and wanted to see me. Mom had no problem with that but Grandmother threw a Godzilla-sized fit.

Before I went to spend a week with Dad, Grandmother took me aside and told me that my father was a child molester who would rape me. She was lying, I knew it even then, and it cemented my hate for the old crone.

When my father and I were driving up to his place I told he im what Grandmother had told me, and we had a laugh. But then I told him that I had thought about it and if he wanted to I'd like it. I told him about my one sexual experience to date, which involved a girlfriend and her older brother and making out but no real s**.

We spent the rest of the trip talking and flirting. And when we stopped at the hotel for the night, we had a bath together and did begin a sexual relationship that has lasted off and on for twenty years.

I enjoyed my relationship with Dad when I was young and I still do. And Grandmother ended up dying in a rest home and no one went to her funeral.

Dec 9, 2011

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  • Dad's been f****** me since I was 13. I instigated it a few weeks after my mother left us. It was fantastic. I'm 25 and married now, but I still visit Dad regularly for that most fulfilling of sexual relarionships - incest. If you're not into it then don't knock it. If you are then you'll agree that there's nothing in the world like it. It's like a dru - once experienced, you can never stop.

  • i understand u , i was in a relationship like yours and i still miss it, hope u have a great life, luv

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