Seriously considering

I am currently engaged to a really beautiful sexy girl i mean seriously hot. But she cheated on me when we first started going out well actually more like lied cause she was with someone then and didnt tell me then said they broke up but they didnt and i found that out then they finally did after i gave an ultimateum but now several months later i found out she tried cheating again and i seriously think she has done more cheating i just cant prove it and i really think she is also doing alot of cyber s** stuff online too. Its really bothering me i have attempted suicde before and came close to actually dieing the last time if i wasnt foudn when i was but im really on the verge and i cant tell her im worried that she is cheating cause then i get the you dont trust me s*** well no kidding who would trust someone 100% if you cheat on them multiple times realy. I just dont know what to do anymore and its killing me i just want to end me.

Dec 16, 2011

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  • dump the cheating b****

  • Nevermind the girlfriend or how hot or not she is, there are deeper issues here then if she's cheating. You need to take care of YOU. You need to work on yourself to get to a place where you're not suspicious or jealous of the person you are with. Where you are not threatening to take your own life because of your insecurities. You need to learn to communicate with your fiance. But more importantly, you need to love yourself enough before you can love anybody else. Could she be cheating, maybe? I can't imagine the struggles that would arise from dating a man, who is suspicious, jealous and suicidal would probably be really difficult. I'm sure she loves you, but you may need to let her go so you can find out how to heal you.

  • Dude - read the system! You are the complete opposite to what attracts a women. Especially your eagerness to please! The fact that you wont bring up a specific problem because she might leave you, is exactly what im talking about! No girl wants a wimp, who thinks that he should take all the s*** she can give you!

    The system - doc love

    You will thank me!

  • Question, is she just beautiful on the outside? because who wants that?(UNless its a one night stand). beauty is only for a moment, if you are getting married, what will you do when she is old? and you are left with her b**** of her personality, that walks all over you? The only reason I ask, is that I suspect that the only reason you would put yourself through this is because you want a hot girlfriend? If that is so, then im afraid your relationship will never work. You cannot build a lasting relationship with a shallow foundation! Go for the women that makes you laugh, is kind and gentle and likes you for you! She will always be beautiful to you, no matter who old or what happens! Hope it all goes ok!

  • You should kill yourself if you are that stupid that you think this relationship will work. You know relationships are meant to make you feel happy, not cause you to try and kill yourself. The fact, that you even suspect she is cheating is too much! Have some respect for yourself, and stop trying to keep someone who clearly isn't in to you (her actions show that - a women who loves someone doesn't cheat....ever!), and being so pathetic as to try to kill yourself over it? Why not man-up, and do the right thing and walk away? Cant be that much harder than trying to top yourself? Or you can keep the wishful thinking that "things will get better"... THEY WONT!

  • thanks but im so afraid of losing her too. we have broken up over this kind of thing before and everytime i bring up something like this its always brought up that shes hurt i dont trust her and she acts like she will leave me and i dont know maybe i just deserve all the pain

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