I'm incapable of having a relationship

I waited too long to lose my virginity out of intense shyness, till I was 25. Now i sleep with almost every girl that passes my way to overcompensate and am incapable of having a relationship for fear of opening up honestly to a woman. I don't even honestly remember if I lost my virginity to a friend or a prostitute since i've retold the story in my head so many times. I just use s** to fill a void... and it doesn't work very well.

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  • I'm sorry.

    I'm at the phase of intense shyness still. It's been long. And in my head it's always easy but in real life it's always hard and I don't know if I'll ever be able to share myself with anyone.

    But I'm sure that someone out there wants to be in a real relationship with you.

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