Guilty Conscience

I had some affairs in a moment of madness. I cannot tell my husband. I llove him dearly. I have regained my faith and am a good person and I try and be a good Christian daily. I confessed my sins to a priest who absolved me. However I am consumed by guilt and feel I cannot move on in my life until I forgive myself and move on. It is a big block in my conscience and is preventing me from growing as a person. I would like to find some way of moving forward and dealing with my personal demons. Thank you.

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  • The only way you can move forward is by admitting that youre a no-good cheating wife. You can't possibly cheat on someone you don't want to hurt, someone you are supposed to share everything with.

    Face the facts, stop trying to make up excuses, and for the love of spaghettimonster stop defending yourself with how you "confessed" to a priest.

  • Sounds like you haven't accepted Christ as your savior. Sounds like you only go to church to "feel better" about your Ways.

    You are not a good person. All have fallen short of the glory of GodI

  • You already know the answer. You need to confess your actions to your husband. Then and ONLY then will you be able to move on. If he truly loves you, he'll grow to forgive you overtime, not overnight, but eventually. Hiding this secret that you truly regret is just a continual betrayal of trust that will repeatedly haunt you over time.

  • Confess your sins to Jesus Christ, not to a priest. That veil was torn when Christ rose again. You are still living in the old testament.

  • It wasn't a moment of madness... if it was a "moment" of madness it would have been an affair and not "affairs". You feel some guilt i'm sure but its probably misplaced. i'm sure you loved getting tossed up, and something is missing from your marriage-maybe a break from the monotony. i don't condone the behavior but i understand it as i too am married and have always kept a standby for tune ups. i love my spouse dearly but this is really about me and my needs. its my one moment of selfishness/indulgence much like a smoker sneaking a cigarette i too have strong spiritual beliefs but i need it!

  • Take the religion crutch out of the equation. You did things you now regret. You can't undo them. You can make them worse, by punishing yourself but what would be the point of that? Live the life you want to live and you are OK.

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